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Date Night in Tappahannock

Date [date1 /dāt/ noun 1. the day of the month or year as specified by a number. 2. the oblong edible fruit of a tall Old World palm. 3. a social or romantic appointment or engagement.

WHAT: Think of it as a Progressive Party.

WHEN: On Friday Evenings when TAG has an opening reception for a new exhibit.

WHERE: Act XII Wine & Provisions, Tappahannock Art Gallery, and 1710 Tavern and Essex County Museum

2024 2nd Quarter Art Card is Here!


Collect the whole set. Available at the gallery.

TAG Art Cards... Frameable Art on Front - Event Schedule On the Back


FEATURED ARTIST: Emily Crews “Echinacea in the Wind” is available at TAG. 
(Drag the arrows to reveal the front and back of the card.)

Be sure to collect a new TAG Art Card every quarter. The program schedule for the Gallery is listed on it. You can pick one up at TAG or at any of the retailers in the scrolling ticker tape below.

Life is short, but art is forever.

The mission of TAG is to build and maintain a community art center, to promote artists and their work, and to offer opportunities for art education, cultural enrichment, and creative expression to all citizens and visitors by sharing and celebrating diverse talents, traditions, and lifestyles.

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