Heron: Painting with Oils

INSTRUCTOR: Janet Hockman

TO REGISTER: Contact Frank Rixey at 804-445-5131 or achillesheel2004@yahoo.com. Payment can be made at the door.

DETAILS: In this two-day class students will learn to create a background that is pleasant but not distractive in order to enhance the main subject. The students will learn the use of color theory and gradation of values throughout a composition to create an eye appealing piece.

This is a fantastic learning class for all levels or even beginners in oils. All materials and a paint palette and brushes for each student will be provided. Finished piece is 11 x 14.
• We will use a wet into wet oil technique to create and paint the Heron. 
• Oil materials and products used will be explained.
• Feathering, and water techniques will be taught as well. 

Students may bring paper towels. Class size is limited to 9 students.