Fighting Fire with Fire | Rebuilding Prince Street

What, when, and why? (Watch the 2 minute video.)

What Happened Next.

We shared this image on our social media outlets as a way of reaching out to our community to let them know that we are not alone in our grief, and that folks outside of our town or county, or even state, are thinking of us. The response to the image and to Debra’s message was overwhelming. The sentiment and the image touched many people in many ways. TAG’s Executive Committee began thinking about how this image might be utlized to raise money toward the rebuilding efforts already initiated by so many others. After getting permission from Debra and the patron who purchased the painting several years ago, we hatched our plan.

Each print was individually handcrafted by esteemed landscape photographer, The Honorable Hullihen Williams Moore (Hullie). His time, expertise and materials were a gift to our cause.
These prints will be auctioned one at a time, twice a week, until they are all re-homed. Once these ten are gone, there will be no more.

What's In It For Tappahannock?

All monies raised through the auction of these prints will be donated to the Town of Tappahannock and the Tappahannock Main Street Organization for the clean up and rebuilding efforts for Prince Street. The prints represent a memory of our quaint historic district. Your participation represents the new memories that will made when it is restored.
Read Bill Lohmann’s article in the Richmond Times Dispatch, including an interview with George Jennings.

Now For The Good Stuff

START HERE | The Silent Auction

The Auction Schedule

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