Rappahannock Wildlife Refuge Friends Plein Air Event

The Refuge welcomes such activities as Plein air painting as an addition to other non-invasive activities on the Refuge.

On Saturday, May 6th the Cat Point Refuge site will be open for the second annual plein air event associated with the Refuge. The Rappahannock Wildlife Friends along with the Tappahannock Artists Guild are providing access for the first 25 artists to sign up.  Online registration begins on April 1st; registration fee is $15. (Registration form below) 

The event will be held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Coffee and snacks will be available early in the morning, while box lunches will be provided late in the morning. At a mid-to-late afternoon gathering for discussion/critique there will be refreshments and snacks. There will be a rain date on the following Saturday, the 13th.

Maps for the two locations will be provided digitally to participants prior to the event. These will offer suggestions of possible sites to set up.

For further information contact TAG at tappartsguild@gmail.com.


Price: $ 15.00
The Rappahannock Wildlife Friends, along with the Tappahannock Artists Guild, are providing access for the first 25 artists to sign up.

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