Opens SEP 1 • Reception SEP 8, 5:30 PM • 200 Prince Street

CarolAnne Taylor

My garden inspires me to capture photographs of stunning flowers and butterfly images both from my own gardens and gardens that I visit. The natural beauty that surrounds me in the Northern Neck influences my choices in landscape photography, primarily water scenes and sunsets. I strive to illustrate my ‘Vision’ of the photograph through the magic of painting and blending styles. In this age of the Digital Darkroom, I express my ‘Vision’, which to me is the result of my thoughts, feelings, and ideas when I make a photograph. All of my work is finished on a professional printer using archival ink and industry standard framing materials.

Ron Taylor

I am a self-taught artist with a vivid imagination. My imagination is the driving force behind all my art. In my mind, I visualize it, often dream it. I sketch it, then pick a medium that best suits my idea. I enjoy working in all mediums. I see no boundaries. You will see my work in oils, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, wood, metal, or anything else that best conveys the end result. This is my palette. This is my expression. I speak two languages, English and Art. All the human emotions are there: love, hate, happiness, sorrow and quite often, in my case, whimsy. Art is the message. I am the messenger.