Painting Class with Kathryn Murray | Sep 10 | 9 am to 1 pm


The Finished Product

We passed a wonderful Saturday morning with Kathryn Murray exploring new painting techniques centered around using acrylics on tissue paper.

We later used our tissue paper work for a final piece: some were for collage and some were to augment a watercolor piece (on Arches paper!!)


Fox: Painting with Oil & Acrylic | Jul 24 | 1 to 4 pm

INSTRUCTOR: Janet Hockman

DETAILS: This 4-hour class project will be painted on an 8×10 canvas or a piece of shiplap; students choice when they get to class. The price for this class is $35. All materials will be supplied, paints surface, brushes and a palette.

This class combines acrylics and a touch of oils and the background will be in acrylic with an oil overlay. The students will learn the process of using acrylics to simplify and speed up the painting process.

They will learn fur techniques on the fox. The background is an amazing technique to create wood grain on canvas and or wood using acrylic and oils. Students will take home a finished piece.

Heron: Painting with Oils

INSTRUCTOR: Janet Hockman

TO REGISTER: Contact Frank Rixey at 804-445-5131 or Payment can be made at the door.

DETAILS: In this two-day class students will learn to create a background that is pleasant but not distractive in order to enhance the main subject. The students will learn the use of color theory and gradation of values throughout a composition to create an eye appealing piece.

This is a fantastic learning class for all levels or even beginners in oils. All materials and a paint palette and brushes for each student will be provided. Finished piece is 11 x 14.
• We will use a wet into wet oil technique to create and paint the Heron. 
• Oil materials and products used will be explained.
• Feathering, and water techniques will be taught as well. 

Students may bring paper towels. Class size is limited to 9 students.