Rob Rudick | Photography Exhibit

TAG is thrilled to celebrate our return to Prince Street with a compelling exhibit of photography by ROB RUDICK. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, mark your calendar for the Opening Reception for the exhibit on April 7, 2023 from 5pm to 7pm. [The reception is free and open to the public. Please come and bring a friend.]

ROB RUDICK | Artist's Statement

ROB RUDICK | Artist's Statement

I became interested in photography playing around with my father’s Polaroid (8 exposures to the roll). The instantaneity was amazing. I later went through a photographic phase as a black and white street film photographer. I wanted to be the next Henri Cartier-Bresson. I honed this skill during a trip by land (mostly) from Texas to Bolivia. That’s how I majored in photography and Latin American studies. And then digital came along, and the immediacy of the image returned. My portfolio expanded vastly, to landscapes, architecture, flowers, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, antique cars, or objects that we see every day.

I’m currently the Managing Director of the Artists’ Alliance (AA) Art Gallery in Colonial Beach. I’ve been with AA since we opened in 2018, and show my work there monthly. I am excited to be the featured artist at the reopening of the Tappahannock Art Gallery in April. This gives me the opportunity to exhibit work from the varied portfolio I described above. I am also the coordinator for Photo Salon, a decades-old group of serious photographers that meets regularly, and I serve on the Board of Art for the People, an organization committed to bringing art activities to underserved groups (both in Takoma Park, MD).

I see a lot of beautiful art regularly. I like photos that pop a bit. I’m taken by the sheer beauty of a subject, and also whimsy. I love color, except when it’s not necessary. I see the world as through the lens of a camera, and I shoot what crosses my path. I describe myself as a reactive photographer. I still retain a love for black and white photography (and include some B&W in this show). I appreciate good printing, and working digitally allows for a lot of creativity. I regularly print on watercolor paper (and use a cold wax finish) and canvas, in addition to traditional photo papers. These non-traditional photo media give the work a different look. My bottom line as a photographer is to produce a work of art that bears repeated viewings from its audience.

Rob Rudick
Artists’ Alliance Art Gallery
100 Taylor Street | Colonial Beach, VA 22443
301 452 1333

TAG Exhibit | Catherine Kauffman

Women and Children: Moments in Time


Catherine (Cate) Kauffman is a resident of the Northern Neck near Burgess. Growing up with an artistic Mother, it was natural for Cate to have a pencil or paintbrush in her hand. As a teenager she was selected along with a small group of her peers to study with the resident artists at the National Gallery of Fine Art and the National Portrait Gallery, and her love of portraiture evolved. She developed a great fondness for the compositions of Edgar Degas but loved the brushwork and palette of John Singer Sargent. She studied further at VCU, graduating from Radford College in Journalism. She is an accomplished painter also of still life, landscapes and paints en plein air.

Kauffman now teaches at the RAL Art Center in Kilmarnock and is a regular exhibitor there. She was in a two-artist show at the Stewart Gallery in May 2020. She has also had work featured in the Xanadu Art Gallery Catalog. Cate is a member of the Oil Painters of America and The Portrait Society of America. She has recently begun accepting commissions for private collectors. Please see her website at


“When invited to present a one-artist show here, I was thrilled to be asked specifically to present a show of figurative work. I believe that art should have a purpose of telling a story, not necessarily just be a pretty picture on the wall – although if it can do both, all the better. Figurative work does this in a way that is unique as it humanizes history. It tells its own truth.”

As she reflects on the historical and possible future restrictions on women and children, she feels privileged to have the life she has had. Her paintings in this show are snapshots of her life, her children’s life and the lives of friends and their families, telling a story of our society and revealing a level of truth in a way she hopes viewers will relate to.

Artist and art show juror, Susan Fisher, will provide an oil painting blending and value change demonstration for sky and water at Tappahannock Artists’ Guild gallery, Saturday July 9 at 10 am. There is a powerful blending technique for creating gradation in sky and water that Susan will teach us.  She will discuss the way sky is generally darker at the top of the work and lighter near the horizon.  More importantly, she will show you a good way to control that change in hue and value so that you can make it your own. 


Susan M. Fisher
Art Painter, Artist, Teacher

With an impressionistic dance between sketch and realism, Susan M. Fisher paints dream images and realty. Focusing on the feeling of living, Susan creates many of her images from the mind’s eye, taking the viewer to places they have never been, but have likely felt. She has graciously agreed to serve as the Juror for the show.